New Sequel/Prequel to 50 Shades of Grey

A new book, entitled DUET stories A Chorus of Voices by Brownell Landrum answers the questions that many reader had been asking themselves .What happens after “happily ever after?” Were Ana and Christian destined to be together?  Have they known each other before? Answers to these and many other questions will be provided through reading the book.

In this book, Christian and Anastasia encounter Paige and Griffin, and find they have more in common – a lot more in common – than just their love of life, music and friendship.  Through a set of mysterious circumstances, the two couples discover a past that explains their present in a profound, beautiful and in a deeply meaningful way.

What are DUET stories? DUET stories are a series of novels told from different characters’ points of view, as they’re happening. They delve into the nuances of attraction, love and spiritual connection

Duet stories are fun, deep and intimate, not just physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well, because of this, they’re for adults only. The new book fits this description very well; the readers will be delighted to discover this.

Landrum’s new book delves into the future and distant past. Beginning four years later, Ana and Christian meet Paige and Griffin.  The connection between the two couples sparks a flood of memories from a mystical and enlightening past, a shared past, nearly four hundred years ago. Now you’ll learn why Christian was afraid of being touched, why he needed control and why Ana was the salvation he had needed to break through the bondages of a tormented past.

Re-experience their first kiss and mutual attraction, re-explore one of the most sensual and erotic couples in fictional history. But instead of being Ana and Christian, they’re Katarina and Maks.  And instead of being in Seattle in the 21st century, they’re in the Ottoman Empire in the 1600s.  Still, many of the lessons and challenge of life and love…of power and sacrifice of forbidden desire are the same.

Now you will learn why they were born again to be together; why they wanted another chance at love. And you will meet and fall in love with Paige and Griffin.  A couple performing their own celestial duet.  Together they explore the dynamics of soul mates, passion and purpose.

Here is what those who have read the book are saying, the readers have given a thumbs up to the book, they have left positive and very encouraging reviews. One reader described it as exciting, thought provoking and well written. Others used adjectives such as: Amazing, intriguing and page turner. One of the readers could not resist the book, she had to read it twice to get the whole story and all the ideas behind it and that’s not all, she is planning on reading it again.  “Adds another – more meaningful – dimension to Ana and Christian’s story!” said an Avid reader “I loved the twist at the end!  And make sure to read the Epilogue!  Really incredible!” said the reader, “A great book for couples to read together! It’s like the Celestine Prophesy for relationships!” said a reader who could not hide her joy.



DUET stories: Lose yourself in the fiction…find yourself in the truth. Read the book for free, yes FREE! See the video trailer on YouTube:


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