How to Recruit Top Talent to Your Business

The companies that attract top talent all have a plan in place to find and recruit the best employees into the fold. Businesses can't expect the best prospects to just walk in the door without any effort to point those prospects in their direction; they need a strong recruitment strategy that effectively locates talented individuals and then gives them reason to apply. In order to create such a strategy, companies should implement the following steps.

Have a Vision for Every Position

One of the first steps in finding the right person for each position is understanding exactly what kind of person each position requires. This means looking for more than just skills, work experience, and other "on paper" attributes. Hiring managers should also know what kind of personality each job requires for success, and how to look for those attributes in potential employees.

Write Engaging Job Descriptions

Talented job seekers who know they can bring value to a company are going to be looking for the best companies. That means that in order to attract those potential employees' attention and get them to apply, hiring manager need to write informative and engaging employment ads. A job listing should include more than just a description of the job and the necessary qualifications; it should also convey through its words and its tone the spirit of the company, and inform job seekers of the kind of atmosphere they can expect.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is a very valuable tool for job recruitment in two ways: first, it is a great way to learn important information about applicants that isn't included on their resumes and may not be made clear in the interview. Reading someone's Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages can be a great way to learn how applicants interact with people, how discreet they are, and whether or not they will be a good fit for a job.

Second, social media recruiting is a one of the best ways to actively recruit talent. By locating and interacting with qualified people on LinkedIn and other job-centered sites, companies can build a relationship with talented prospects and entice them to apply for a position. Even if a prospect doesn't immediately express interest, making contact with them can put the idea in their head and lead to them joining your company down the road.

Use Hiring Software

By using recruitment management or applicant tracking software, hiring managers can effectively keep track of all their applicants and effortlessly schedule and manage interviews. For companies that receive many applications or are hiring for multiple positions, this is essential. Potential employees will notice if the application process is disorganized or if employers don't seem on the ball, and the most talented individuals are likely to decide not to work at companies that that aren't on top of their game.


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