VISIT FLORIDA summer blockbusters continue with new Floridagrams

• VISIT FLORIDA announces new Floridagrams on YouTube
• Celebrity narrator
• Beach in Reach: all airports within 45-minute drive
• Executive interviews may be arranged.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (June 16) -- In June on YouTube and in the New York Times, VISIT FLORIDA rolled out “Floridagrams,” a social media tool that lets visitors produce and share their own vacation highlights reel.

With Floridagrams, visitors to the Sunshine State can upload their favorite Florida vacation photos to selected script templates to make their “own social blockbuster” this summer.

The script narration for Floridagrams is provided by a celebrity known to several generations: Daniel Stern. His is the voice that narrates the main character's childhood in The Wonder Years, a voice that continues to capture the wisdom of the '60s generations since.

Click here to see samples of Floridagrams and to try out the platform. To talk about it in social media, please use #Floridagrams.

Floridagrams is the latest in a summer series of new tools that helps visitors explore vacation options, plan trips and share memories. Earlier this season, VISIT FLORIDA launched two innovative online platforms aimed at helping travelers plan summer vacations here: Florida Beach Finder and Florida beach imagery in Street View on Google Maps. On, Saundra Amrhein adds a story on how convenient it is to reach Florida’s 825 miles of beaches.

“In a state where slightly more than half of all visitors arrive by air, travelers landing at one of the Florida’s four major hub airports are never more than a 45-minute drive to the beach. In many cases, at both the large and smaller airports, the sand and surf are less than 15 minutes away,” Amhrein writes in “Your Beach Is In Reach.”

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