Both of whom are doing a number on the reigning MVP and defending NBA champs

NBA 2K17 Coins— You can always sense how Russell Westbrook and his team are rolling based on the decibel level of the primal scream, the emotional, energetic lava that Mt. Westbrook emits to punctuate a game-changing play or sequence.

And if you haven't noticed, the Western Conference finals are sounding, dare we say, Thunderous.

If the current temperature is real, and what we're seeing is not subject to change anytime soon, then the best player in basketball is Westbrook and the best team is his Oklahoma City Thunder, both of whom are doing a number on the reigning MVP and defending NBA champs. Yes, it appears Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors are victims of identity theft. Or maybe they're just getting punched in the face.

After the Thunder's 118-94 romp in Game 4 gave them a 3-1 series edge, Oklahoma City is beating the Warriors in almost every phase possible: small ball, big lineup, up-tempo, half-court, protecting the ball and shooting it. At the center of it all is Westbrook, giving defenders whiplash, triggering the fast break with timely stops and steals, and enhancing his reputation at the expense of perhaps the league's marquee player.

"I thought my energy was good tonight," Westbrook said  to  .