Your Pet Chef Unveils New Questionnaire

Chicago, IL — The specialty dog food industry is one that is new to the United States, but one that is growing very fast. Americans are willing to spend the money to keep their dogs happy and healthy, and companies that can offer an alternative to the traditional bland dog food are attracting new customers by the thousands. Yourpet Chef is a unique dog food company that provides its customers with specially blended dog food that is tailored for the needs of each animal.

Where other specialty dog food companies fail is that they make one food that they package for all dogs. Though this might be a good idea for dogs without health issues or who are already at their ideal weight, the specialty dog food does not meet the needs of animals who fall outside of those parameters. Yourpet Chef is a company that prides itself on blending food that is custom made for every customer’s dog. This is accomplished through the introductory questionnaire available at , where customers tell Yourpet Chef about their dog and any special needs it might have.

Working from the information from the questionnaire, Yourpet Chef formulates the blend and starts producing homemade food for the dog. Each meal is well balanced, and guaranteed fresh on arrival, with a freshness date so dog owners know that their dog is always getting the highest quality food. The packages come right to the customer’s doorstep, and each meal is preportioned so there is no need to worry about measuring servings for the dogs.

Yourpet Chef is unique among the specialty dog food companies and their commitment to providing the best food to dogs everywhere is sure to be a hit with dog owners. The affordable prices and doorstep service make this a dog food that dog owners cannot afford to be without.

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