Hurray for History: National History Day Qualifiers

The Fremont County Museum System would like to congratulate all of the Fremont County Students who qualified to participate in National History Day in Washington D.C. in June.  History is alive and well in the young people of our area and the Museums in Dubois, Lander  and Riverton are very excited to be so well represented for National History Day.

Individual Documentaries

Place Student Title of Project

1st Place

Bridger Kimber The Hippocratic Oath

2nd Place

William Atnip 37

4th Ryan Brinda The Vietnam Draft

Group Documentaries

Place Students Title of Project

1st Abby Hamilton, Mackenzie Mann-Wood Dream House for Misfits: Nellie Bly

and Her Effect on the Rights and

Responsibilities of the Instituted


Individual Exhibits

Place Student Title of Project

2nd Silas Goetz Sight Set on Wildlife

Alternate James Whiting The Equality State: Turning a

Dream into Reality

Group Exhibits

Place Students Title of Project

1st Chase Bolding, Jed Welsh Rules of Engagement

2nd Alexis Fontaine, Leah Brown Seeing Double

Individual Performance

Place Student Title of Project

1st Jordan Troxel Liebeck vs. McDonald’s: Was Justice


2nd Noah Gans The Homestead Act and American




Li Platz

The One Child Policy


Lander Catholic Home School

Fiachra Rottinghaus The Place of JFK’s Religion Speech

in Understanding the Rights and

Responsibilities of US Catholic


Alternate Jalynne Brough Homestead Act of 1862: Rights and

Responsibilities of American


Senior Group Documentary

Place Students Title

1st Sadie Thatch and Sydney Polson A Question of Loyalty, Civil Rights

and Responsibilities: Heart Mountain

The state History Day contest was held at the University on Monday, April

7th.  The students that placed first or second in their category qualified for the

national History Day contest to be held at the University of Maryland on June

14-19th. Lander will take the largest number of competitors compared to previous


Besides placing in their categories the following students received cash awards:

Li Platz:

DAR History Award for the best junior entry

Noah Gans:

Florence Sommers Jensen History Award for outstanding entry on homesteading

Jalynne Brough:

Fort Laramie National Historic Site Award for best junior division entry that

integrates Trans-Mississippi history.

Sadie Thatch, Sydney Polson:

Heart Mountain, Wyoming Foundation Award for the best entry dealing with

Heart Mountain Relocation Center.

UW History Department Award of Excellence for best entry demonstrating

exemplary research.

Silas Goetz:

Wyoming State Museum Volunteers Award for outstanding junior division exhibit.

Alexis Fontaine, Leah Brown:

UW college of Engineering and Applied Sciences Award for the best entry on a

science related topic.

Abby Hamilton, McKenzie Mann-Wood:

UW School of Energy Resources Award

Jordan Troxel:

Jurisprudence Award for the best entry on legal issues.