Premium Invisalign Teeth Straightening Services from Currambine Dental

Currambine Dental, a prominent dental practice in the northern suburbs of Perth, offers premium Invisalign teeth straightening services to patients. The clinic delivers personalised care services to meet individual oral health issues.

[PERTH, JUNE 20, 2014] – Currambine Dental, a recognised dental practice in Perth, is offering first-class Invisalign teeth straightening services to their patients. With the expertise of their team of dentists, the clinic helps patients achieve a better smile without the need to wear metal wires or brackets.


Innovative Orthodontic Care System

Currambine Dental notes that Invisalign is highly-regarded today as an innovative orthodontic care system. It uses clear aligners instead of the traditional metal wires or brackets. It makes wearers look like they are not wearing any dental brace. The near-invisible aligners work by gently pushing the teeth into an optimal position. It helps correct minor bite problems and prevents oral health diseases, among other dental health benefits.

As a highly personalised practice in Perth, the team at Currambine Dental takes pride in the quality of their Invisalign services. They strive to offer each Invisalign treatment candidate the highest standard of quality dental care they need. They always keep track of the treatment’s progress using innovative methods, and administer care through their world-class facilities. Patients rely on Currambine Dental to deliver the dental care service they need and more.

Personalised Cosmetic Dentistry

Apart from the Invisalign teeth straightening services, Currambine Dental offers other personalised cosmetic dental treatments as well. From teeth whitening to ceramic cosmetic crown and bridges, they make sure to provide premier cosmetic dentistry treatments. Currambine Dental’s roster of oral health practitioners guarantees utmost cosmetic treatment to improve overall dental health of their patients.

About Currambine Dental

Currambine Dental is a dental practice in the northern suburbs of Perth. Comprised of a team of notable oral health practitioners, the practice offers quality dental care services, which include preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and root canal treatment, among others. They feature world-class facilities to match the level of their expertise.


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