Legacy, A Crowd Sourcing Campaign For A Prehistoric Britain Photography Project


UK (June 8, 2014) - UK based photographer, Jason Friend, is currently running a crowd sourcing campaign to raise funds for his Prehistoric Britain Legacy Project; a fascinating not-for-profit endeavour to capture the mystifying stone remains of prehistoric sites scattered across the British Isles.  Ancient stone circles are a remarkable legacy of Neolithic Britain, their shadowy origins stirring the hushed whispers of fables and legends throughout the ages.

The Legacy project is the realisation of an idea that was inspired many years ago - it was Jason’s early visits to these sites that sparked his initial desire to learn photography. Spellbound by the power these archaic stone remnants wield across the landscape, Jason longed to capture the essence of these mysterious locations on film. This would take him on an incredible journey that would eventually lead to a career as a renowned professional landscape photographer.

Moving beyond a mere appreciation of the aesthetic, the aim of The Legacy Project is not simply to record the physical structure of these stone circles, but to instil a complete emotional experience which conveys the ethereal nature of these megalithic sites. Through this photographic journey, Jason wants the ancient spirit of the landscape to wash over you – for you to think, to feel, to imagine what once took place where the stones remain.

In order to capture the stark and dramatic tone of these mystical landscapes, the project is being shot entirely in black and white using a mixture of infrared film, and infrared converted digital cameras. Traditional photography equipment will also be used to produce images taken during extreme long exposures (sometimes exceeding 10 minutes) to portray a sense of passing time, hinting at the trove of secrets the stone circles have held throughout the ages.

To date, the Legacy Project has led Jason along a fascinating path of discovery across the stunning British countryside, including visits to historical sites in the Orkney Islands, Isle of Arran, Oxfordshire, Cumbria, and Northumberland. The most recent destination in the Legacy journey was Wiltshire, to the impressive Neolithic remains of the Avebury Complex, then onward to the most famous stone circle in the world - Stonehenge.

Jason is raising funds to ensure that the project can continue. Everyone who pledge their support via the Kickstarter page will receive a reward including signed prints, greeting cards and an ebook. The Kickstarter campaign finishes on the 21st June 2014.

Based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in England’s North-East, Jason Friend is a professional travel and landscape photographer.  For over a decade, Jason Friend has devoted his life to combining his passion for photography with discovering the endless majesty of the natural world.

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