Why Do so Few Small Businesses Have an Online Presence?

Summary: While the average Canadian is viewing nearly 4,000 webpages a month, only 41% of small and medium size enterprises have an online presence! Why? It’s important for a web designing company to take time and understand the mindset of small businesses.

06 May, 2014: You would think that the Internet had infiltrated every nook and cranny of the business world. After all, aren’t we living in the age of total digital saturation? The internet is king. Right? Well, not exactly. Surprising as it may seem, more than half of Canada’s small businesses don’t have a website! Given the spectacular uptake of smartphones, tablets and ipads, you might have thought more businesses would have prioritized their online presence.

The Puzzle

The sector is vast. About 70% of private jobs in Canada come from small businesses. These are businesses in sectors such as wholesale and retail, accommodation and food services, manufacturing and construction. These are vital cogs in the mechanism of any economy.

This is a significant puzzle for any web designing company. Why is there such a cool uptake amongst small and medium enterprises? Why don’t more of these businesses have websites? While the average Canadian is viewing nearly 4,000 webpages a month, only 41% of small and medium enterprises have an online presence! Why?

The Explanation

There are many explanations. They lack time or mistrust the technology or don’t really understand the value proposition. They don’t see what a web designing company can do for them. Perhaps they don’t feel catered for by a market obsessed by big brands and corporate clients. It’s important that a web designing company take the time to understand the mindset of small businesses.

The rise of smartphones and mobile apps is a big opportunity. But maybe they don’t see it that way. They see it as one more discouragement, one more layer of complexity. The future has stolen a march, and they don’t feel they can catch up.

Supporting Small Businesses

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