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Budget & Save Painters offers award-winning painting and decorating services in Vancouver. It offers the best painting services to both residential as well as commercial property in the city.

May 06, 2014; Vancouver BC: Budget & Save Painters, an award-winning painting and decorating company, offers the best services in home renovations, commercial painting and residential painting. It is one of the reputed names in the painting and decoration industry. It has been serving Vancouver and nearby regions since years.

Budget & Save Painters is a renowned painting company that offers exceptional painting services for residential as well as commercial properties. It specializes in both interior and exterior painting services. From home renovations, commercial painting, office touch ups to full-fledged painting projects, it covers all the areas.

Color Consultation

The painting company uses the best paints from Berger Moore and is also flexible to work with paints provided by the customer. The main highlight of their painting services is color consultation offered by them. The painting service providers offers the best color consultants who assist the customers in understanding their painting needs and what color would best suit their home or business. They provide professional assistance in selecting the right color palette for the walls, running board and other areas of the property.

Award-winning painting and decorating company

Budget & Save Painters is a popular painting company in Vancouver BC. It is highly awarded for its exceptional services in the field of painting and decorating homes, businesses and commercial places. Some of its recent honors and awards include recognition for the 3rd consecutive year as award winners for the painting & decorating section in 2011, 2012 and 2013 by the reputed It is also the winner of Consumer Choice Award for the present year in painting and decorating for Vancouver, British Columbia.

Budget Painters has sealed its name as one of the most recognized and awarded painting company in Vancouver. It is praised throughout the region for its dedicated customer services, creativity and color consultation services. It offers top quality painting services at reasonable prices as well. It is one of the primary choices for customers looking for an impressive and durable painting as well as decorating job in their homes, workplaces, businesses, commercial places such as retail, parking lot etc.

About Budget Painters

Budget Painters is an award winning painting and decorating company offering the finest services in residential and commercial painting. It specializes both in interior as well as exterior painting.

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