Portland-based World Pulse, a global digital network, accelerates the collective power of women to impact change through digital access and empowerment

If World Pulse was a woman, she would be described as tirelessly ambitious with a voice to fill any room. Collectively, that’s how World Pulse operates. At a time when women the world over are increasingly turning to social media to speak out for change—like Nigeria’s #BringBackOurGirls or the wave of protests against rape in India—World Pulse has become the global leader in digital networking for women. The organization has linked tens of thousands of women and allies from more than 190 countries to collectively transform communities and lives worldwide.

“Technology can be a profoundly liberating force for women globally. Once women have access to technology and understand how to use it, they can overcome the barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential,” says Jensine Larsen, World Pulse founder and CEO. “Women from Nepal to Egypt whom the world has never heard from before are networking in our online community and going on to gain self-confidence, win awards, start businesses, find jobs and scholarships, and even run for office.”

According to Larsen, digital empowerment enables women to combat victimization, especially those who are isolated by geography, cultural taboos, disability, politics or poverty. For these disenfranchised women, the World Pulse website offers the sanctuary of a supportive community, access to resources and opportunities, a channel for their voices to be heard at major decision-making forums, and training to equip them with the digital skills to build movements for change.

Think empowerment.

  • A digitally empowered community of 20,000 women and girls end the practice of breast ironing in Cameroon. 
  • A Cyber Café in Congo ignited a movement of 200+ women to develop a national action plan for peace which influenced the US government to appoint a special envoy for the region.
  • Ugandan women won their rights to own land.

Just completed and touted as World Pulse’s most powerful campaign to date, the WWW: Women Weave the Web crowd-sourcing initiative set out to gather the wisdom of grassroots women internationally on how to overcome barriers to increase digital access and empowerment in their communities. The World Pulse campaign received over 600 submissions from over 70 countries around the world, all advocating for a world where women and girls are empowered to access and harness the transformative power of digital tools.  The seven month campaign focused on three issue areas:

  1. Digital access—uncovering the challenges women have in accessing the Internet as well as the solutions women and their communities are developing to overcome the infrastructural and cultural barriers needed to achieve greater connection.
  2. Digital literacy—identifying the challenges women face while learning to use the Internet—such as violence, bullying and online harassment—as well as the tools and services that women wish to have to feel more comfortable online.
  3. Digital empowerment—World Pulse’s niche, once women know how to use these tools, how do they use the Internet to empower themselves to achieve their goals; how does online empowerment contribute to offline empowerment? 

The results are in, and now World Pulse is working to equip decision-makers at the top with solutions from the ground so that they can better serve, include and engage women around the world. In the technology space, this includes everyone from technology companies to policymakers, and everything from setting fees and affordability to providing truly global web content in global languages.

“Women worldwide are excluded from decisions that effect their lives on all matter of issues, and access to and use of information communication technology (ICT) is no different,” says Leana Mayzlina, Digital Campaigns Manager for World Pulse. “The Women Weave the Web Campaign is breaking new ground as it engages women in the international technology conversation. The World Pulse community is generating solutions and recommendations for leaders in the digital world who have the tools and power to make technology more globally inclusive.”

 Twitter hosts workshop to hear findings of World Pulse Campaign

World Pulse is making profound waves around the world as it shares its research findings and the voices of its network: the organization will present preliminary findings of the Women Weave the Web Campaign at an exclusive workshop for leaders in the technology industry at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters on September 30th, hosted by Super Women at Twitter and campaign partner Business for Social Responsibility. World Pulse executives and members have also been invited to speak at key forums like the Internet Governance Forum, the Clinton Global Initiative and the UN Foundation-sponsored Social Good Summit among numerous others.

About World Pulse

World Pulse is the leading network using the power of digital communication to connect women worldwide and bring them a global voice. Its mission is to lift and unite women’s voices to accelerate their impact for the world. Through a growing web-based platform, women and their allies from more than 190 countries are speaking out and connecting to create solutions from the frontlines of today’s most pressing issues. With a focus on grassroots women change leaders, World Pulse programs nurture community, provide digital empowerment training, and channel rising voices to influential forums.

 Media Contacts:

Chelsea Maricle, World Pulse, 503-331-3900 or Claudia Johnson, PR, 503-799-2220