Flat Roofs Cause Toxic Mold in Arizona & California Homes & Business Buildings, Warn Mold Experts

Toxic mold growth is a big and common problem for flat roofs in residences and commercial buildings in southwestern USA, warn mold experts and Certified Environmental Hygienists Phillip Fry and Lee Maglanoc.

Montrose, MI, June 07, 2014 -- Southwestern-style and Adobe brick-constructed residences in Arizona, California, and southern Nevada often have flat roofs, as do most commercial buildings in the same states. Unfortunately, flat roofs frequently lead to roof water leaks, resulting in water damage and toxic mold growth inside the roofs, ceilings, walls, and heating and cooling air conditioning equipment and ducts.

Certified Environmental Hygienists Phillip Fry and Lee Maglanoc explain that flat roofs frequently go bad because of one or more of the following reasons:

1. The high temperatures and the unforgiving sun in southwestern USA dry up or otherwise degrade roof materials causing roof cracks and leaks that enable rain to enter into the homes and business buildings and thus to drive toxic mold growth within the structure.

2. Rain water that falls onto flat roofs tends to collect into big puddles (“pooling”) that ultimately, over time, soak through and penetrate the underlying roof and into the building.

3. The roof gutters that are supposed to take rain off the roof often get clogged with tree leaves and other debris and are thus not able to drain the roof.

4. Air conditioning units that are often installed on roofs in southwestern USA cause water intrusion into homes and commercial buildings because of clogged air conditioning condensation drain lines and cracks in the flashings around the air conditioning units, roof-mounted air ducts, plumbing vents, and other roof intrusions.

Property owners with flat roofs should have their roof inspected annually by a qualified roof maintenance company, as well arrange for a thorough home or building mold inspection by a Certified Environmental Hygienist, such as Lee Maglanoc, who is the EnviroFry manager for all Arizona, California, and Nevada.

EnviroFry is an international environmental inspection, testing, and remediation service company that serves homeowners and business property owners across the United States, Ontario Province of Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Philippines.

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