Craghoppers: High Performance Garments Market 2014

Craghoppers, founded in 1965, is one of Europe's leading suppliers of clothing and accessories for the world travel and adventure markets. It is also a supplier of technically advanced outdoor wear. Over the years since its foundation, Craghoppers has established a reputation for bringing innovative fabric technologies to the outdoor market. Also, Craghoppers has achieved cult status among outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers as a result of huge publicity generated by the company's partnership with Bear Grylls, a renowned British explorer and survival expert. Looking ahead, Craghoppers has ambitious plans to grow its business by expanding geographically and adding to its product portfolio. The report highlights the company's development, products, sales and marketing, sponsorships and endorsements, financial performance, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, as well as providing an outlook for the future.

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Table of Contents



Company Development Products

Product technologies






Sales and Marketing

Physical stores

Mail order catalogues

Online stores

Sponsorships and Endorsements Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) Financial Performance



List of Tables


Table 1: Craghoppers: high performance garments, 2014

Table 2: Craghoppers: brand ambassadors, 2014

Table 3: Craghoppers: key corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives

Table 4: Craghoppers: key financial data, 2008/09-2012/13


List of Figures


Figure 1: NosiLife trousers

Figure 2: NosiLife jacket

Figure 3: NosiLife shirt

Figure 4: Kiwi jacket


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