Functional And Sports Training Coach Anthony Passamonte Featured In Boston Business Journal

Sudbury, MA – March 18, 2014 – A feature story about Anthony Passamonte, Co-Owner of Impact Functional and Sports Training, was recently seen on the Boston Business Journal website, as well as other major online publications such as (the online home of the Boston Globe), MarketWatch, Reuters and Yahoo!Finance, among many others. 

Anthony Passamonte has been transforming lives with more than just sets, reps and passion for over a decade. In an industry struggling to change when change is hard, Anthony has a proven training system and philosophy focused on commitment, consistency and accountability, which has revolutionized the way training is done. Anthony is an emerging new face and game-changing leader in the fitness industry. His facility in Sudbury, MA is fast becoming the leading facility for lasting success.

He has worked with numerous adults in body transformation programs, fat loss and performance.  He has also trained thousands of youth, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes since 2000, in all sports. Anthony has become one of the areas sought out body transforming specialist and speed and agility specialist elevating some of the areas top-level athletes from the surrounding towns. Anthony’s philosophy in training has helped numerous clients see massive results and long lasting lifestyle transformations.

Since launching the Sudbury, MA based Impact Functional and Sports Training facility with his former client Beth Concaugh in the winter of 2013, Anthony’s goal has been nothing less than transforming the lives of adults (functional training) and athletes of all ages (sports training) with a proven and successful training system and philosophy based on commitment, consistency and accountability. Anthony Passamonte has recently been acknowledged by America’s PremierExperts® as one of the leading experts in his field.

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