When Quality Matters, Call Bumper2Bumper for Auto Body Repair

For people who are in need of windshield or dent repair in Atascadero and surrounding areas, you can always rely on the expertise of Bumper2Bumper. The company has been in the business for over 15 years, providing excellent services such as bumper repair, auto body repair and paint touch-ups. They are a proud member of The Bureau of Automotive Repair and the Better Business Bureau. They are your trusted one stop auto specialist.

Cars and other types of vehicle are a huge part of the lives of many people. These are used to commute daily, to transfer several items, in sports and the like. It is undeniable that these are very important in today’s world. Thus, the demand for auto service, repair and maintenance has also increased. As a result, we have seen, and continue to witness, several auto service centers emerging from the ground. With the number of these service providers, it becomes a bit difficult to choose one that you can trust and rely on whenever you meet a road mishap. This being said, whenever you find yourself faced with an auto problem, you have a company you can trust – Bumper2Bumper.

For over 15 years, the center has been providing auto services that have been saving people both time and money. Their processes are quick and very affordable, and all work is guaranteed to last as long as the vehicle. Working with them is anything but complicated. They keep things very simple – collisions are left to collision shops while they handle auto body damages that do not require welding, frame straightening, and weeks of downtime. To make it even better, many of their services cost less than most deductibles, thus making it easier and more convenient for their clients. So whether you require a bumper repair, paintless dent repair and windshield repair in Atascadero, they are the team you can rely on.

As their name implies, bumper repair is one of their expertise. From small scrapes and scuffs to large cracks and dents, they have the experts equipped with the tools and experience to tackle these issues. The provide high quality services at very affordable prices. They also handle minor collision repair and auto body repair such as scrapes, scratches and dents. They us PPG paint and the latest technology to match the original paint code and the most accurate color match so that the end result is a perfect finish that shows no sign of previous damage. This, combined with their up-to-date techniques and strategies will ensure that you are getting the best service at the best possible price.

Another expertise the company boasts is quality windshield repair in Atascadero, California. Your windshield is a very important line of protection against flying debris and other external elements. Thus, it is important to keep this in top shape every time. So, if you have a chip, nick or crack, you need to have it fixed before it becomes a bigger problem and possibly be compromising your safety. Bumper2Bumper houses a team of experts who can quickly repair the damage. Their process is the same with more popular companies but at much cheaper prices because they can repair instead of replace whenever possible. Also, their process usually takes only 15 minutes but results will last the lifetime of your vehicle.

As for those with only small auto body paint issues, their paint touch-up service will do the job. Small key scratches, nicks and chips can greatly affect the overall aesthetic appeal and value of the car. Instead of having to redo the entire body painting of the car, their crew will work only on the affected area. With special polishes, air brushes and touch-up guns, they will ensure that patches will be unnoticeable.

Finally, if your car needs some serious work and will require more than a day in their shop, they can set up a rental car for you through Enterprise Rent-A-Car at a discounted price or for free! This ensures that you will be able to continue with your scheduled appointments and other regular routine. 

Bumper2Bumper offers exceptional service because they truly appreciate the trust and confidence that their customers have in them. Be it a bumper or auto body repair, windshield repair, paint touch-up or paintless dent repair in Atascadero, they can do the job properly, quickly ang at an affordable price. For more details on their services you can browse through their website at, or give them a call at 805-238-1112.