Utilizing Google Adwords To Reach Potential Trial Subjects

Google AdWords is the on-line platform owned and operated by Google. AdWords is also the largest and mostly used online advertising network in the world, and millions of businesses advertise online using AdWords to reach new customers and grow their business. Even clinical research area is well influenced by the Adwords.

In this article we will be depicting how Google Search in combination with Google Adwords can be used to locate additional clinical trial subjects, direct them to the nearest trial Sites, and incessantly reduce the Trial recruitment time frame.

Many Clinical Development programs are negatively effected by delays in Trial subjects recruitment. With Phase II and III trials extending 30% beyond planned deadlines.

Nowadays, marketing is almost synonymous with showing up in a Google Search. There are two different ways a webpage can show up in a Google Search: in the Unpaid section / Organic Search or in the Paid section / Sponsored Links .

Now the sponsored links section is based on using Google Adwords . It is based on a system which allows to set one or more search terms. If the search term is entered in Google, the Ad may show and if the person clicks the Ad, he/she will be directed to the said webpage. The Ad actually shows based on how much you are willing to pay to direct a user to the webpage. This is called Cost per Click (“CPC”). One don’t pay for showing the Ad, but only paid when a User actually clicks the Ad and is directed to the specific webpage.

Another issue you need to take into account is how many of the visitors which enter your site through Adwords are actually doing what you want them to do. This is called ‘conversion rate’.
For an example, if you are using Adwords to recruit subject for a trial, the required action could be defined as a person requesting information on the study, or even as a patient enlisted in the study. By making a track of how many of your visitors actually are enlisted in your study, you are able to decide the upper value of the CPC.

How to use Adwords for trial patient recruitment

Nowadays many patients are using the Google to search for information regarding their disease, the Adwords system can be used as an additional source for Trial subject recruitment. The value of using Adwords is dependent on the type of patients you need for a study. If there are a limited set of Sites where patients with the condition you are looking for are treated, and all of the patients have to visit one of these Sites for treatment, you will probably get hold of most of these patients and using Adwords might have limited value. Although, even in this case, a patient might be well informed when visiting the Site and it might be easier to turn such a patient into a Trial participant.

If you are searching for patient with a rare condition and have no idea where such patients might be treated, Adwords would be ideal for finding such subjects. Just Assume that these patients will be looking on the Internet for information on their disease, your Ad will show up automatically and there is a reasonable chance that the patient may click on the Ad. Now when you are looking for patients from a much larger disease population, the Adwords system could support the subject recruitment process by pointing a patient to a nearby Site which participates in your trial.

Now what about combining paid search with unpaid search. So one would like to show up in both the search sections. if a trial is on a very common disease, like diabetes, it will be difficult to have a high ranking in the Organic search section. The rarer the disease condition, the easier it will be to have a higher ranking in Organic search. There are many variables which influence how high any website will rank in Organic search. It is outside the scope of this space to discuss these factors.

Bottom line, Organic search may support or assist paid search for trial patient recruitment.

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