Naxos of America Piano Releases, July 8, 2014

Works for Two Keyboards Volume 3; John Cage; Pestova, Meyer; NAXOS AMERICAN CLASSICS 8559728; 1 CD 

John Cage was one of the 20th century’s most radical thinkers who redefined his own contribution to musical history in the light of his ceaseless exploration. One aspect of this was the technique of "indeterminacy." Exemplified by Winter Music, indeterminacy is freely interpreted as to time but remains coloristic and resonant. Two2 is one of Cage’s "Number Pieces," and one of his most forward-looking works, a composition that considers the structure of listening and continues to influence a new generation of composers. This is the final disc in the series (volume 1 is on 8.559726, volume 2 on 8.559727). For more information about this release and a complete track listing, visit


String Quartet, Polyphony; Ursula Mamlok; Spectrum Concerts Berlin, Armida Quartet; NAXOS AMERICAN CLASSICS 8559771; 1 CD 

Ursula Mamlok lived for many years in New York before returning to Berlin, the city of her birth, in her eighties. Featuring a conspectus of her much admired chamber music, this live concert recording was given in Berlin’s prestigious Philharmonie in celebration of her 90th birthday. Mamlok said, "My main concern is that the music should convey the various emotions in it with clarity and conviction. It interests me to accomplish this with a minimum of material, transforming it in such multiple ways so as to give the impression of ever-new ideas that are like the flowers of a plant, all related yet each one different." For more information and a complete track listing, visit


Reflections; Panufnik, A; Panufnik, R; Clare Hammond; BIS BIS-SACD-2003; 1 Hybrid SACD 

Andrzej Panufnik’s (1914-91) three original works for solo piano, spread out over almost four decades, are all highly crafted, demonstrating the composer’s fascination with mirror forms and symmetrical patterns. Also included are two posthumous collaborations between the composer and his daughter Roxanna as well as two of Ms. Panufnik’s own compositions. 


The young British pianist Clare Hammond devised the present disc for her first BIS release. For more information about Sir Andrzej Panufnik, visit For more information about Roxanna Panufnik, visit


Piano Sonatas, Fantasie; Franz Schubert; Garrick Ohlsson; DUX DUX930; 1 CD 

This album features three works by the Viennese master. The Sonata in A, (D 664), was not published during Franz Schubert’s lifetime. His (Wanderer) Fantasie in C, (D 760), written at a creative peak is followed by the Sonata in A minor, (D 845), one of three sonatas published in Schubert’s lifetime. 

Since his triumph as winner of the 1970 Chopin International Piano Competition, pianist Garrick Ohlsson has established himself worldwide as a musician of magisterial interpretive and technical prowess. For more information about DUX Records, visit


Preludes, Book I & II; Claude Debussy; Kiroko Saski; Piano Classics PCL0064; 1 CD 

While pianist Hiroko Sasaki was looking for an instrument to record the Debussy Preludes, she happened upon an 1873 Pleyel concert grand. The instrument offers her the sonorities, dynamics and colors she thinks are essential in Debussy, who also owned a Pleyel piano and it was his favorite instrument. The result is fascinating; the pianissimos seeming to come from “a piano without hammers," as Debussy wanted it.


Saski is on faculty at Bard College Conservatory of Music. For more information about Saski and this release, visit


After Reading of Liszt; Lyapunov, Chopin, Liszt; Antonio Pompa-Baldi; TwoPianists Records TP1039305;  1 CD 

On his TwoPianists debut, prizewinning Italian concert pianist Antonio Pompa-Baldi offers an enticing program of Liszt-connected works.  Sergei Lyapunov’s Transcendental Etude, op. 11/12, carries the title Élégie en memoire de Franz Liszt. Chopin’s Etudes, op.10 are dedicated to Franz Liszt. The final tribute piece on this program, Après une Lecture de Liszt by the Sardinian-born composer Roberto Piana (b. 1971) was dedicated to Antonio Pompa-Baldi, and this is its debut recording.

For more information about Antonio Pompa-Baldi, visit




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