Why You Should Do MBA in NCR

NCR is a palce full a strange paradoxes but it is home to some of the country's leading schools, universities and industries, whcih has a central support and logical progression path for anyone to pursue a career. This year, lakhs of students in this region will be cleared of their Class XII, or any undergraduate degrees, but wouldn't be clear as to how to go ahead with whatever options they have, as they will be either left with just a handful of government colleges to seek admission in or a handful of companies to choose from if they decide to migrate elsewhere, but NCR has offered quite a tremendous atmosphere and career options in the past and continues to do so.

NCR has grown spectacularly for various reasons in the past and many of them are attributed to education, companies and increased employment and increased industries. There have been many government initiatives that have shaped up well for a large public's benefit. The growth factors such as the largest growth came from the NCR region in terms of banking industry's operations, mainly for the reason that there is a perception that many new players have entered this market, and that there is yet to be seen a significant impact on the overall industry. A lot of focus is invested on how NCR region is expected to improve in terms of attracting a lot younger and talented resource pool in the coming years.

According to PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, about 84% of undergraduate and postgraduate students in Delhi NCR feel that India’s growth story will remain intact in future and thus prefer to settle in the country for better career prospects. The current batch of degree pursuers seem quite excited regarding their plans for career development, as 55% of the respondents said that after completing their graduation/ postgraduation, they would want to become self-sustainable financially as early as possible, while 29% of the respondents were thinking about going for further studies. NCR is brimming with opportunities and possibilities in that regard.

It is only natural to compare NCR with Bangalore, or any part of NCR with Bangalore. Both have seen massive IT-driven growth in recent years, their demographics are similar, and so is their growing economic footprint. So far, it would seem both these largely populated are poised evenly in this race, their rate of progress is going almost neck-and-neck. In the recent years, many educational institutions have been pushing their boundaries in providing better higher education, especially with the advent of technology and communication. However, NCR is becoming known across India as an emerging education and economic hub, and is indeed home to some of the best schools, companies and atmosphere in the country.

About Author:  The article is Dr. Satinder Singh Duggal, Director, CIM Ghaziabad. Christ Institute of Management (CIM) is providing PGDM in Ghaziabad city.