European Wine Origins

Have you ever wanted to know more about the origins of your favorite European wines? Where they come from? How they are made? It’s one thing to read up on the subject of wines, but it’s something else entirely to go to the source and witness it firsthand. That’s exactly what a wine-themed European river cruise does for its passengers, combining a love of travel with a love of wine, for a truly wonderful and unique experience.

What Is a Wine-Themed European River Cruise?

Traditional European river cruises might pass through grape-growing regions, but you can now find wine-themed river tours that make wine the central focus of your trip. The European countries you already associate with wine are featured destinations, including France, Spain, and Germany. If you’ve always wanted to see the vineyards and regions of Europe where amazing vintage wine is produced, this is one of the best ways to do it.

Highlights of a Wine-Themed Cruise

There are several highlights of wine cruises over other cruise experiences. For one thing, the wine-themed cruise is designed specifically for wine aficionados, so you can enjoy entry into private vineyards and wine cellars that would otherwise remain off-limits. These unique rivers cruises also feature:

·         Lectures from acclaimed wine experts

·         Private tastings

·         Shore excursions to learn about a region’s wine legacy

·         Winery tours

·         A selection of fine local wines to enjoy during meals

These cruises sail down some of the most memorable rivers in Europe, including the Danube River, the Rhine River, the Seine River, and the Douro River. All of them pass through picturesque countryside, bustling cities, and gorgeous natural features. 

Discover the Origins of Wines You Love

What sort of wines will you encounter? With a French wine cruise on the Danube, you will run across a range of French wines. One of the most popular French wines is named after its city of origin in France: Burgundy. On a cruise down the Douro in Portugal, you’ll discover one of the widest varieties of wine in Europe, including sweet port wine. If you venture down the Rhine River, you can discover expansive German vineyards focusing on production of elegant white wine.

Is It Right for You?

It might seem like this specialized cruise experience is solely meant for passengers who are already wine enthusiasts, but there’s plenty to enjoy for others as well. If you’re someone who loves cruises, traveling, or a luxury experience in general, you’ll find plenty on a wine themed cruise that appeals to you. Traveling down a river on a cruise ship is an exciting time on its own, but adding in the wine theme makes it particularly nice for those who want an upscale experience.  Because an appreciation for wine is considered a more upscale taste, you can expect these types of cruises to include fantastic amenities and luxuries.

The wine theme is also great for those who are new to the world of wine tasting and wine appreciation. It’s an educational and informative experience, but it also brings wine to life by immersing passengers in hands-on wine activities in authentic wine locales. Aside from wine, if you have a love for history, traveling, geography, culture, or exploration, you might be surprised at how well suited the wine-themed river cruise is for you. You could find yourself making friends for life with like-minded passengers on your exotic cruise experience in Europe.

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