Humble Grumble to play Mediawave Art Gathering 2014

The festival which takes place from April 29th to May 3rd in Komarom, Hungary, will see Humble Grumble playing their jazz influenced progressive rock on May 1st on the Yard stage.


Best described as a hybrid of Frank Zappa and King Crimson, Humble Grumble, led by guitarist and vocalist Gabor Voros, refuses to get stuck in a box or to fall into the trap of emulation. The band emerged in 1996, but it took them almost ten years to release their first official release 30 Years Kolinda. The Face of Humble Grumble (2008) and Flanders Fields (2011) showed that variety of different music elements still knows how to sound unpretentious, what led to the band’s most mature record out to date – 2013′s Guzzle It Up. With this effort, Humble Grumble grabbed the attention from both jazz and prog communities.


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