VPR Challenges Listeners To Eliminate the March Pledge Drive

Vermont Public Radio has announced that it will eliminate its March membership drive if listeners contribute $350,000 by March 17, the day before the drive is scheduled to begin.

The challenge is in response to listener requests for less on-air fundraising that preempts programming. Typically, VPR membership drives last approximately 10 days, according to VPR’s Vice President of Development and Marketing Brendan Kinney.

“VPR depends on the local community for more than 90% of its funding and on-air membership drives have long been the most effective way to rally that support,” Kinney said. “But we know our listeners would rather hear the programming they love without interruptions for fundraising, so we were inspired to try this experiment as an alternative way to raise the funds VPR needs to provide the high quality programming that our listeners expect.”

With six days left until the deadline, VPR had $130,000 to raise in order to meet its goal. Kinney said he’s optimistic VPR will be able to meet the goal by March 17 and avoid the on-air membership drive entirely.

“We have an extremely generous and loyal audience and I know our listeners will come through for VPR. They have the power to eliminate an entire membership drive while keeping strong VPR’s ability to provide an essential public service to our region.”

Contributions made to VPR between now and March 17 will count towards the $350,000 goal. Listeners can pledge online at or by calling 1-800-639-6391.