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Wexford University Offers Online Fitness Degrees for Personal Trainers

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CALIFORNIA - 18th JUNE 2014 – There is an every-growing need of qualified personal trainers in the current fitness industry. Many celebrities, fitness enthusiasts, sports professionals, athletes and many others are on a lookout for qualified or certified personal trainers who can provide them better training and help them achieve their personal and professional fitness goals. Wexford University offers online personal trainer degree programs such as the Associate of Arts Degree in Fitness Training. The degree is designed with an aim to help personal trainers get the needed skills and confidence to have a successful career as a coach, personal trainer, lifestyle consultant, fitness manager and so on.

This online personal trainer degree is designed to prepare students for higher levels of study like the BS programs in Health, Fitness and Human Performance. These continuing education programs will help them gain advanced skills, improve their diverse knowledge base and avail a variety of career opportunities. This is not just any online fitness degree but a degree with an objective. Students will learn about the fundamentals of human body and how it adapts to the stress of exercise. They would also understand the basic nutrition and how good nutrition plays important role in improving the health and wellness of the individuals. This online fitness training degree will also take them through the psycho-social factors that affect the individual’s ability to achieve health and wellness goals.

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Wexford University, based at Rancho Santa Margarita, California is a division of NESTA. The university offers students the cutting edge practical knowledge and skills by offering degree programs in different fields such as Nutrition and Health, Fitness and Sports Psychology fields.

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