Plans with children in Playa d’en Bossa

Continuing with the idea of ​​a PANK traveller that I commented the other day, I have compiled some advices for those who plan to travel to Ibiza with their nephews next summer. Yes, the white island has many alternatives beyond the 24 hours discos and bars, and if you organise it with time, it can be the perfect trip for a PANK uncle as well as for the kids.

A good area to search for accommodation for children in Ibiza is the beach of Playa d’en Bossa. You can easily find hotels for families on the beach frontline with all kinds of services that will allow you to enjoy some free time for yourself.

Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza

Some hotels, like the Fiesta Club Palm Beach has kids club, free parking and special entertainment for children for several hours a day, so you can have some time off.

Very close to this hotel in Playa d’en Bossa, you find one of the best water parks in Ibiza, the Aguamar Waterpark. You can prepare a picnic and spend the day there, among water slides and games. Although, at these places, it is best to keep an eye at all times on your kids, you can always enjoy some quiet reading and sunbathing. The ticket price is 18€ for adults and 10€ for children, but watch out, they are only open from May to September (both included). They don’t have a website, but this is their telephone: 971396790

To enjoy a proper chill out evening, it is best to drive the rent a car and head towards Cala de Bou together, in the municipality of San Jose. When the sun starts to set, visit Kumharas. You will be surprised by its market and cocktail area, dances and drums specially thought for children, who can walk around the bar without any dangers.

Hotels for families in Ibiza

And while we are on the road, we should travel a little bit around the island. A nice visit is to the area of Santa Gertrudis, a small charming Ibizan village where you can eat one of the best sandwiches on the island, at the Bar Costa, and rest in a the towns square.

On Sunday, a brunch at Es Cavallet is the perfect choice. The beach is pure relaxation and you can find one of my favourite places to enjoy a bite in front of the sea, the Chiringuito, that as well as offering special dishes for children and the atmosphere is very lively on Sundays. They will surely enjoy eating something different and have the rest of the day to play and swim on the beach. Watch out, it is not cheap, but it is well worth it.

Overall, as you can see, the island is full of proposals for a good trip with children. However, my recommendation, if you choose Ibiza as a destination for your next PANK trip, is that you take a good friend with you to enjoy the magic atmosphere of this wonderful island or you bravely ask the person you are seeing to join you and your nephew for the trip. If they don’t run away, you may have found the right person!