1 - What is protein and what is its significance?

Proteins are molecules composed of a group of amino acids that the body, broken and absorbed in order to rebuild and repair tissue and human needs about twenty amino acid in order to live, but our bodies can not make most of them.

But only eight amino acids must be obtained by the body through food ( amino acids necessary)

Importance: -
Protein is essential for human health In fact, our bodies, hair, muscles, nails etc.. Made mainly of protein. Given the muscles and nails, we discover that the proteins differ among themselves to be two different histological so because the difference collect any of the 22 amino acid known to be in the end, the protein is different. Each series of the various amino acids are protein molecule different.

2 - What are the foods that contain the amino acids necessary?
Almost all animal foods such as dairy products, meat, fish and poultry contain eight essential amino acids.

Because the body breaks down the amino acids and re-spread in the body once again eating a variety of foods does not contain all of them on all eight amino acids and contains only some of which will lead to the same final result

For example: -
Eating pulses in the same meal will be given a full meal protein

What amount of protein needed per day?
Organization of American said to eat the food and medicines that the required daily amount of protein should be about 10% of total calories consumed by the human daily

Since gram of protein contains four calories When the need to eat 200 calories a day, or 10% of total calories, which gets it a day

But the rate of global consumption of protein up to 90 grams per day
- As I screamed Organization (RDA) that eating 10 grams per 8 Kyaw gram of body weight is enough supply of protein.

What is the importance of protein intake for athletes?
Sports need protein to build and repair body tissues and the enzymes, hormones, and other substances used by the body to regulate its operations, such as organizing the percentage of water in the body to transport nutrients and make the muscle contractility. Most of the quantities they need a little more than non-athletes.

The amount of protein required for bodybuilders?
Should address the bodybuilder amount of protein enough to need basic body and help him exercise training efficiently.

What happens if I do not organize what you get is enough of the protein ?

Lack of protein intake in children leads to weakness in the growth process and in adults can lead to hair loss and muscle size

And symptoms that indicate a lack of protein non-availability of energy needed to fulfill the functions of the body leads to the feeling of being tired more than normal

- Problems that accompany increased protein if you have the amount of protein in your body too much protein, the excess will be stored in the form of fat, and you do not exercise, the fat will increase

The greatest increase in the protein leads to the fragility of the bones and kidney stones