Enjoy Whistler introduces the midweek City-Break as the cost effective alternative for tired and busy Vancouverites who can't afford the time needed for a long holiday.

The travel provider aims to strengthen the midweek city-break concept by promoting a diverse range of customized packages that appeal to particular lifestyles and interests of Vancouverites, all at the best rates possible.

It is a common thought that Whistler is an expensive destination throughout the year. While there are certainly plenty of options for those with a bigger budget, Whistler offers a wide variety of affordable vacation and opportunities for everybody, from the little ones to the retirees. This is especially true during the midweek and summer with its abundance of excellent deals to enjoy at up to half off the winter rate.


Enjoy Vacation’s mission is to enroot the concept of  tailored midweek City-Breaks within the local consciousness and increase the flow of Vancouverites to Whistler, by increasing awareness about the excellent deals and tailored packages available during the midweek. Sometimes, just a short spontaneous City-Break could be just what is needed to counteract the stress of the daily hustle and bustle and routine that kills creativity and efficiency.


In order to generate enthusiasm, provide ideas and encourage more of the local market to go up during the midweek, Enjoy Whistler has created a sample bouquet of happy, witty lifestyle-oriented City-Break packages to suit different life path choices and turn a routine getaway into something that resonates with each participant. The packages are designed and segmented to match the main trends and lifestyle approaches among Vancouverites. For example:


·         Happy Hips City-Break: intensive bikini toning getaway for ladies, that comprises activities such as Pilates, hiking, running, and biking

·         Sex & The City-Break: for all the independent ladies, the exquisite Manhattan life, Whistler style

·         Zen&Tranquillity City-Break: for the inner restoration of harmony and balance

·         Gourmand & Gourmet City-Break: for foodies in love with dining and the finer things in life;

·         Young & Restless City-Break: dreams are affordable, come when it’s the best value - midweek

·         Wet & Wild City-Break: for the water lovers, stay soaked as you put the OHH in h2o

·         The Brainstorm City-Break: expansive and productive environments to un-lock the mind

·         Pet Friendly City-Break: the most pet friendly excursion possible in Whistler.

·         The Hedonist City-Break: best tips for drinking, partying, eating

·         The Bucket List City-Break: everything you always wanted to do but were too afraid to try. Start living now.

·         Stag/Stagette City-Break: the ultimate bachelor(ette) Party


All pre-built City-Break packages are based on a 3 or 4 day midweek stay and include planned activities and suggestions for each day, tailored to the specific theme. All packages and activities can be easily re-customized at the behest of the client.  is part of the Enjoy Vacations Network, a central reservations company committed to providing the best booking experience for leading mountain resorts such as Whistler, Vail and Banff.  For more information and details about Whistler City-Breaks, please visit or call us today at 1 888-882-8858.

Ramona Tomescu, Enjoy Vacations
Ph: (604) 3491041