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Rancho Santa Margarita CA: 12th March, 2014: personal trainer is a professional trainer meant to motivate and train the clients to achieve their fitness goals. Today with the growing awareness about fitness and healthy living, demand for professional trainers is creeping at good pace. To become a professional personal trainer, one must complete certification program from reputed fitness universities. By owning professional certification, trainers can change their lives.

Reputed universities like NESTA and Wexford universities offer certification programs that are entirely different from one another. It is the trainer’s choice to choose which one is ideal for his career. If a trainer wants to settle as an employee in good fitness center or gym, NESTA certification program is the best option.  But if the trainer wants to change his life as an entrepreneur, then Wexford University certification program is the ideal choice. These two programs are different from one another in terms of course module, mode of teaching and exam.  NESTA certification program mainly focuses on fitness where as the other focuses on specialized sports performance. But one thing is common in both the universities is that they are headed by sports fitness legend Mr. John Spencer Ellis.

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About Mr. John Spencer Ellis

Mr. John is an eminent sports fitness guru known for extensive fitness programs as well as motivational training. He has changed number of fitness trainer lives through motivational and inspirational programs. He is the CEO of NESTA and Wexford Universities. Through his certification programs, number of professional trainers has become entrepreneurs in fitness world.

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Mr. John Spencer Ellis,

CEO: NESTA and Wexford University.