Wholesale Football Kits of No. 7 Wholesale Center sells 2014 World Cup jerseys

United States of America, May 10, 2014: The biggest event in the world of sports is the FIFA World Cup, the 20th edition of which is to be held in a few weeks. Football is a high voltage sports and its fans follow it with equal level excitement. Fans buy jerseys, flags, hats and various other items in order to show their support for their favourite teams in the stadium. No. 7 Wholesale Center is a sports brand that facilitates fans with all equipment and kits to exhibit their fanhood to the world. No. 7 Wholesale Center runs online wholesale store that sells soccer jerseys Thailand. Wholesale Football Kits is the name of the website where football fans can find extensive range of jerseys of both national and club teams. 

The entire world awaits the FIFA World Cup, 2014 and sports industry is going through full boom right now. From television manufacturers to roadside flyer sellers, everyone is prepared to bank on the event. However, Wholesale Football Kits is where fans are going to find the most relevant items – 2014 World Cup soccer jerseys Thailand. The website has jerseys of 22 of the 32 teams that are participating in the tournament. The jerseys are mainly of AAA quality and made in Thailand. Sports kits retailers will find jerseys of Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Uruguay and the USA. 

The jerseys feature hot press printing and are not suitable for washing machines and dehydration. Detailed information on caretaking of jerseys is provided at Wholesale Football Kits. In addition to jerseys, the website wholesales customised sportswear, tracksuits, jackets, soccer uniforms, football shirts and football kits too. The main feature of the AAA Thailand soccer jerseys is their finish. They bear proper logos, numbers and names and coloured precisely according to the original jerseys. No. 7 Wholesale Center provides free shipment for orders of 15 pieces or more. The shipment is usually done via DHL, UPS, EMS and other courier services of comparable standard. Flexible payment options make transaction easy and convenient. MoneyGram, P&P, T/T and Western Union are the acceptable payment services. Sports brands can claim full refund or exchange against faulty items. However, they are expected to notify the company within 3 days of reception of the consignment. 

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No. 7 Wholesale Center is an online wholesaler of sports kits and full range of football jerseys. Wholesale Football Kits is the website where various football items are wholesaled as well as retailed. The company has factories and offices in China, Thailand and the US, which is why its products have highly competitive price. 

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