Getting Started In The Stock Market Is Easy With Workshop Series By Bullishpicks.Com

This is due to either a lack of knowledge, skill or action. In an effort to help, leads the initiative by offering a workshop series on stock market education.

Whether one is a new investor or a seasoned professional, this workshop series is worthwhile. features Ken "Blanks" Harrell as their resident stock market guru. Ken has nearly 20 years of relevant & active stock trading experience. Consistently sharing his profound knowledge, Ken has created a major buzz and impact in the stock market learning community. He is a sought after thought leader on the topics of: business, stock trading and financial literacy.

Ken has an uncanny ability to take complex subjects and make them easy to digest. He comments, "I will be your one-on-one tour guide to help you navigate the choppy waters of the stock market, without getting sea sick." Harrell has already helped educate hundreds of students, and has received nothing less than positive feedback on the workshops series.

Stock Market: 101 offered by Harrell, gives students a better understanding of the stock market. Students learn how the stock market works and what makes stocks move. This class also covers dozens of key terms and several basic trading strategies. Many continue their education beyond the 101 course, and enroll in Stock Market: 201 – Fundamental Analysis, which helps students to analyze the financial health of a company. And finally, they offer Stock Market: 301 – Technical Analysis, which helps students become knowledgeable about analyzing stock charts. After completing the 3-part series, students will be ready to actually start buying and selling stocks. educates, enlightens and empowers students to save money and get savvier in the stock market. They also provide one-on-one coaching, and private group sessions. The workshop registration fee of $20 includes course materials and refreshments. Classes are held every 2nd Saturday of the month at 10am. And, every 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm. All classes are held at the Northwest Activities Center, located at: 18100 Meyers Rd., Detroit, MI 48235.

About is a reputable stock market training institute that offers workshops and seminars on the stock market. For more information, please visit

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