Tug-Wise, a Canadian Cable Spool Manufacturer, Announces a New Product in Development

Slave Lake, AB (PRWEB) January 21, 2014

Slave Lake cable spool manufacturer, Tug-Wise, is announcing the development of a new product for even heavier-weight use for Industrial companies’ wire and cable management. Companies that require a heavy weight cable spool will be well served by this new product currently in development. Currently the heaviest-weight product Tug-Wise offers can bear up to 1,500 pounds of pressure, but the product in development now will be able to bear up to six times that amount.

Currently Tug-Wise offers a standard and deluxe model of cable reel holder. The standard model has a maximum weight of 500 pounds, and the deluxe model has a maximum weight of 1,500 pounds, but they’ve recognized the need for an even tougher and heavier-weight product, which is why they’ve started developing this new holder. Because of the industrial nature of most of their clients, Tug-Wise knows that there’s a real need for a tough product that can bear more weight but is just as easy to use and durable as their other products.

This new cable reel holder will be able to bear up under 10,000 pounds, and be more durable and last just as long as their other quality products. Completion of the product has not yet been finalized, but Tug-Wise is confident that their consumers will be pleased with the product upon its release.

About The Company: 
Created by founder and inventor Jim Emes, Tug-Wise operates a full service company that’s the very best in wire and cable management systems. Offering several different spool types and sizes, ranging from light to heavy weight, Tug-Wise has the variety and quality to equip the needs of any customer.

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Tug-Wise, a Canadian Cable Spool Manufacturer, Announces a New Product in Development