Meirezra.Us Is Happy To Celebrate The Birthday Of Famous Mentor Meir Ezra


Clearwater, Florida (May 21, 2014) - is a well known personal and professional expert, on internet. His strong believes on a changed and new approach of life. Meir has a great team of followers, who have created an amazing web page to celebrate his birthday. This website is created by the famous “The Way to Happiness Israel Group”.

This website group has also introduced a new contest, where people from different age group can take part. This contest welcomes all, from the age of 5 to 95. The interested participants need to send a video clip of 2 to 3 minutes, where different creativity of the participant can be shared.  This contest is arranged to encourage the creativity of Meir’s followers.

Meir has created a fantastic chain of followers, who have got inspired by the great personality. Meir has a wonderful approach towards life. He believes that, looking and thinking about life does not fulfill the purpose of life. Meir ensures that, his followers should not slog much into the details of complications of life. Meir advises all; to dream about the positive aspects of life, above anything else. Meir often dream of new things and revolutionary parts of lives. He often dreams of completely new things.

His followers have sent amazing gift cards, birthday cards to Meir Ezra, through this amazing website. Besides that, this virtual platform extends their helping hands to the followers of Meir, so that they can send him birthday messages, congratulation mails etc. Meir has helped many people to achieve unmatched professional success. Meir has always prioritized the needs of mutual respect, while sharing his knowledge and messages to the commoners. This enterprising expert has always identified the importance of being industrious. The followers of this great personality have started enhancing their trust worthiness as well.

This website has taken up several success stories of the followers of Meir. Rebecca is a die heart follower of the leanings, shared by this amazing personality. She says, “My life has taken a different lead, ever since, I tried following the path, of Meir. My life is full of positivity now. I have learned to dream about good things in life, with his guidance. I used to get disheartened with small matters, before, but his guidance has taken to the pool of positivity. I look up to success now. I have loved wising him, on this birthday, from this amazing website.”

Meir Ezra is a great online personality. His birthday is getting celebrated by
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