Melatonin for Dogs Launches MelaCanine 3mg Liquid Supplement for Comforting Pets

ironpower6, the leading provider of canine products has recently announced its new product called Melacanine melatonin for dogs. The product has already received rave reviews from dog owners and pet lovers and can be currently purchased through Amazon’s website

Sharing more information about the supplement, a spokesperson at reiterated, “At, we strive hard to provide pet lovers and enthusiasts with the best quality products at affordable prices. Melacanine is one of our latest and best products that will aid dog owners and pet lovers in calming down their nervous, stressed or anxious pets including cats as well as dogs. The unique supplement also aids dogs in enjoying a sound sleep and offers quick results.”

It must be noted that Melacanine is a unique all natural supplement that helps in easing stress as well as tension caused due to travel anxiety, separation, thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noises, dog grooming and vet sessions. There are no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives contained within the liquid melatonin formulation.

The supplement is highly affordable and can be easily added to the pet’s food, treat or meal either once or two times in a day. Melacanine also helps in minimizing Cortisol, which is basically a hormone that causes stress and helps in calming the pet every time it feels anxious, nervous or jittery. For more information about the product, check out the company’s website at or visit their YouTube page at

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IRONPOWER is an Australian company and the manufacturer of the MelaCanine melatonin for dogs supplement and owner of and

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