Professional Metal Pressing Services from Winward Engineering

[Aldridge, March 05, 2014] - Winward Engineering Limited, a premier metallurgy company in the UK, specialises in precision metal pressing. The company employs top professionals in the metal working industry, and aim to provide products that cater to unique customer specifications.

Winward Presses

WinwardEngineering Limited produces cylindrical and other shaped pressings by utilising deep drawing presses, Rhodes presses, as well as production presses with a capacity range of 30 to 200 tonnes.

Winward Engineering Limited’s roll feed department is equipped with state-of-the-art electronically controlled pneumatic and mechanical systems. The company’s range of blanking, follow-on,and progression lines can produce coils that have 4mm gauges, and 200mm widths.

Winward Engineering Limited uses reliable load monitoring machines on each of the presses and tooling to keep the processes secure. This gives way for immediate detection of any potential problems that might affect the fabrication process and quality of the products. The company addresses even the slightest error seriously to ensure designs match the customer's specifications.

Winward Industry and Professionalism

The diverse array of presses allows WinwardEngineering Limited to produce various metal pressings, which is perfect for serving the needs customers belonging to different industries.The company works with some of the most established brands in the automotive, electronics, and engineering sectors, which rely on quality precision-made products to build the tools of their respective trades.

The company takes pride in delivering professionalism in all their products and services. The efficient members of the staff see through the process until the parts are in the client’s hands. Winward Engineering also adheres to strict delivery requirements to make sure that all of their high-quality parts are shipped on time.

Winward Engineering has established a solid reputation in the metal working industry and continues to earn the trust of clients through the high standards every part is put through. These standards ensure that all components are made within the finest measurements, allowing them to perform at optimum efficiency for as long as possible.

About Winward

Established in 1944 by Charles Winkless and David Ward, Winward Engineering Limited has produced quality metal products for Ford Motor Co., and Lucas Automotive – Atomic Energy. The company is currently run by the third generation of the Winkless and Ward families, and holds a SIRA Certification for quality management.

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