Metaphors In My Attic Training Program Launched

West Sussex, UK – Metaphors In My Attic is an online training program that can be of benefit to anyone who wants to rethink the way they connect with their clients.

The program has been devised by Andrew T. Austin who is a noted therapist and trainer in the UK. He runs several training courses internationally and is much sought after in his chosen field. The program he has created works towards breaking all the myths one might have about metaphors.

In fact the program quickly establishes that if people thought they knew all about metaphors then it’s time to think again. This online training program is geared towards rethinking one’s life journey, which makes it crucial for professionals and entrepreneurs today.

The program that has hours of video based training has been well received and it claims to help transform the way people work with their clients. It ensures that users rethink the way they hear and use language in their clinical practice.

One of the main highlights of this training program is that it emphasizes on the fact that metaphor of movement is not the same as clean language. Then it goes on to talk about this important concept in detail in the first section of the program.

It has been divided into several other sections including Developing Themes and Container Metaphors that make things clearer for users. Importantly it also contains demonstration sessions and discussions, which put their point across effectively for users to understand.

Since it is packed with videos and has information laid out in a simple manner, it can be easily comprehended by users who want to make a difference to their interactions with clients.

About Metaphors In My Attic

It is an online training program that helps users rethink metaphors and look at their interactions with clients differently.

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