Would you like to are affected by presbyopia when you invest in older should you suffer myopia at this moment?

No one would doubt the importance of eyes, therefore, there springs up various eye protection methods. Then what is the credibility of these methods?

Now ophthalmologists would help us clear some doubts.

Doubt 1: Would the habit of close-up TV watching and reading in dim light damage out eyes?

Reading in dim light or close-up TV watching would make our eyes dry.

Therefore, when reading at a close distance, make sure the brightness is of 60 to 100 watt bulb; when using a computer, remember the light of the lamp should never be too bright but should be soft to keep your eyes comfortable. In addition, move your eyes every 10 minutes away from the computer screen to look at the distance for 10 seconds.

Doubt 2: Would the tiredness of eyes be released after a night of sleep?

Sleeping could not release the tiredness of eyes, what you should do it to focus your eyes on the things far away or you can look up and then look from left to right. In this way, your tiredness may be released. One may think looking far away could release the eyes; however, the point is not the distance, but the reduction of time used for staring on the screen or books.

Doubt 3: Would people who suffer from myopia suffer from presbyopia when they get old? If so, is it okay for them to have the condition of myopia when they are young?

Aged people will not survive the presbyopia whether they are short sighted or not. The only difference is that those who suffer from myopia could see things nearby clearer than those whose eyesight are normal when they were young.

Doubt 4: Is it true that wearing a pair of glass or contacts would make the vision become worse?

There are people who believe that their vision would get worse once they begin to wear glasses or contacts. Well, it is definitely wrong! Generally speaking, after you see your ophthalmologist for an optometry, a pair of appropriate prescription glasses or contacts could keep your vision from getting worse.