Airwheel Z5 smart electric scooter without seat is Convenient for Riding

Jason is a white collar officers who shuttle between office and his home every day. Though his company is not far away from his home, there no bus can be taken directly. In the past, Jason choose to drive between company and household, however, the traffic jam troubles him a lot since it takes Jason extra 30 minutes on the road. As a result, Jason decides to change the way of travelling. Airwheel Z5, the 2-wheeled electric scooter come into Jason's sight, it attracts Jason's attention immediately due to its features.

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Airwheel Z5 weighs only 14 kgs which quite light for adults like Jason, he can pick it up easily to his home or office, which guarantee the scooter will not be stolen. Besides, Airwheel Z5 can be folded in three parts, so it is easy to put the scooter into the trunk, or bring it into elevator, subway or bus. Jason can bring it to where he wants. Besides, the battery of the scooter can be changed easily since it is designed in modularization, Jason dose not worry about the lack of power any more since he can prepare an extra battery.

Sometimes, Jason work lately since his company is very busy. The electric standing scooter is equipped with night lighting in the front of the scooter and stoplight at back. It can remind the pedestrians and vehicles around him, which guarantee the safety of riders himself and others at the same time. Airwheel Z5 is also equipped with the USB port, so Jason can charge his cell phone and other digital products on the way of travelling. This function is practical for riders since many people come across the lack of power for their cell phones which is quite trouble nowadays.

For Jason, convenience is the feature of Airwheel Z5 e bike , it takes the demands of customers and problems they may come across into consideration. Customers feel relaxed and convenient when riding the electric scooter for adults. Jason decides to insist on riding Airwheel Z5 and recommends it to friends around him.

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