Classic Rummy launches new and exciting 21 cards rummy

Classic Rummy launches new and exciting 21 cards rummy

Currently offering as many as 10 variants, Classic Rummy has taken rummy gaming to the next level with the launch of the 21 cards rummy on 8 April 2014. As the name suggests, this exciting new rummy variant is played using three packs of cards, with 21 cards being dealt to each player. With more jokers and more declare options, this variant is really interesting to play.

Classic Rummy, India's favorite rummy site, believes that players need more variants to keep the excitement of playing rummy going. It is with this very intent that Classic Rummy has launched 21 cards rummy.What is 21 cards rummy? 21 cards rummy is a variant that is a twist on the 13 cards rummy and involves more intricate game play. While 13 cards rummy is played with two packs of cards, the 21 cards version is played with three packs of cards.

21 cards rummy follows the typical pick, discard pattern of all Indian Rummy games, and in many aspects, differs from the typical 13 cards rummy game.

Here are some of the main features of 21 cards rummy:

  • The 21 cards rummy game uses three packs of cards

  • There are 20 jokers in the game

  • There are alternative options for melding pure sequences

  • Players have 4 options for declaring a win

  • The addition of value cards changes the scoring pattern

The game of Indian Rummy offers the possibility of many variants due to the simple mode of game play and the interesting nuances that the game has. Classic Rummy plans to exploit this intriguing combination to keep on coming up with more variants of the rummy game for players to enjoy.

In the words of Mr. Ajay Kulkarni, in charge of marketing “Our site Classic Rummy has had tremendous response for all the variants we have launched. The overwhelming response to Jumbo Tournaments made us realize that our players are ready for the next level of challenges and 21 cards rummy is a very interesting and challenging variant. We have decided to launch the free version of 21 cards rummy first so that players can play and come to grips with the rules of the game before launching the cash version. The 21 cards rummy format is based on the lines of points rummy game, which players have always enjoyed. We hope they will enjoy the 21 cards rummy game too.”

About Classic Rummy

Classic Rummy is one of India's leading online rummy gaming portals with over 8 lakh registered players. Classic Rummy, India's favourite online rummy site, offers traditional 13 card Indian rummy and all its exciting variants like Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and now Jumbo Rummy Tournaments. The management team has vast experience in running and managing multiplayer games and is committed to promote rummy as a game of skill. The only prerequisite to play 13 Card Rummy on our site is an Internet connection and your analytical skills. So keep honing your rummy skills and enjoy playing on Classic Rummy.

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