Okanjo launches Product Match, making 'Buy Now' ad technology available to any online publisher.

Native commerce company enables contextual product matching and in-ad transactions for advertisers and publishers of all sizes.

Okanjo, a Milwaukee-based technology company, has announced the launch of Product Match. This unique Native Commerce tool allows any online publisher to add 'Buy Now' technology to their advertising options.

On the heels of Pinterest's "Shoppable Pins" and Twitter and Google's announcement of "Buy Now buttons", Okanjo is democratizing "Buy Now" technology, bringing shoppable display ads to publishers and advertisers of all sizes.

Product Match is plug-and-play, an easy addition for any online website, and brings two powerful features to online publishers and their advertisers:

  1. Contextual Placement - Product Match reads publisher content for sentiment and keywords, then places advertiser products next to the most relevant content, ensuring the right products appear in the right places.
  2. In-Ad Transactions - Product Match's technology makes display ads shoppable. Users complete their entire purchase within the ad unit, never leaving the publisher's page.

"Providing customers a seamless and instant shopping experience is a game changer for online publishers and their advertisers," said Okanjo CEO Michael Drescher. "We're excited that we can provide online publishers of all sizes with 'Buy Now' technology. Up until now, this is something that's only been available to eCommerce giants and top media websites."

Product Match enhances the shopping experience for publishers, advertisers and the end-consumer:

  • Online Publishers - Allows online publishers to keep their hard-earned traffic on-site and engaged with content.
  • Advertisers - Empowers advertisers to promote and sell their products at the moment of impact while providing four times the engagement of standard online display advertisements.
  • Consumers - Provides a secure and instant shopping experience, without leaving engaging content.

Okanjo's Product Match works on desktop, mobile and in online videos, making the shopping experience seamless regardless of medium or device.

Product Match helps online publishers develop new business models and open new revenue streams with digital display advertising. Currently working with online media holding companies that include industry leaders like Lee Enterprises and Morris Publishing Group, Okanjo is poised to bring Product Match technology to local publishers nationwide. If you are interested in learning more about Okanjo or Product Match, please contact


Okanjo transforms content into commerce. Okanjo's Native Commerce platform provides publishers and advertisers with turnkey solutions that increase consumer engagement and enhance the online buying process. Okanjo's technology powers a variety of eCommerce tools, including: Native Marketplaces, Shoppable Display Ads, Contextual Product Matching and eCommerce Storefronts. Okanjo was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. Learn more about Okanjo at


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