Hunting for Befitting Solution between VPS and Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting and VPS hosting are the two majorly opted hosting platforms by the SMEs and even large enterprises. The two platforms are similar but not equally same. The innate characteristics of Cloud make it a preferred choice for many. There is a misconception among many of us that Cloud hosting and VPS hosting shares the same characteristics and offer similar features, however, they differ in adaptability and scale, pricing, security and control.

A VPS hosting environment is created by separating the resources on one underlying server using VMs for each of the hosted client on that server. There are number of benefits attached to this particular kind of hosting, such as resources allocated to hosted clients for their websites are flexible upto a certain level, depending on the website requirements. Moreover, clients can easily move to other physical servers for optimal performance. However, this move may cause downtime situation because at the time of moving process, hosting environment has to be offline. 

In VPS hosting, a client is provided with the freedom to choose the operating system, and allow modifying tools as per the business needs. VPS offers root access along with customized tools; it can be an efficient and secured environment if maintained explicitly. VPS servers have rigid pricing structure for what you own. Even if you are using the allocated space or bandwidth, you have to pay for what you own


Taking a sight to Cloud hosting: Cloud hosting is a network of servers, thus if any of the servers get failed, the load is shifted to the other working servers. One can quickly upgrade ‘on the fly’ without getting acquainted to downtime.  Cloud hosting platform is not as open as VPS. The information or data stored on the cloud is replicated across multiple networked servers in server farm. Straight from patching, maintenance and monitoring, all are handled by the service provider. When we peek into the pricing model of Cloud, it is flexible and based on pay as you go model. This allows the users to only pay for what they are utilizing and not for the time when the system was idle.

In fewer words, if you want to have flexible, performance, scalable and elastic hosting model, then choosing cloud hosting is a decisive option. Moreover, if you are looking for better control over your server environment and security, then VPS hosting will be a winning fit.