High speed bearing lubrication task must be effectively movement from the lubricant to the bearing surface

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Ball Bearing、Cylindrical Roller Bearing、Thrust Roller Bearing Bearing.Today we will remark High speed bearing lubrication task must be effectively movement from the lubricant to the bearing surface.

High-speed imported bearing lubrication tasks must be effectively movement from the lubricant to the bearing surface

1. Spray lubrication

Injection lubrication is the NSK bearing lubricating oil from close to the nozzle holes, at a rate of 10-20 m/s into bearing, is usually sprayed into the cage and inner ring or outer ring gap, which is formed by the lubrication and 

cooling method of bearing. To the inner diameter of 30-35 mm small ball bearings, spray lubrication can achieve DMN limit value of 3 million for larger bearings is 2.5 million.

Double holes or porous nozzle can increase oil already, also can improve the efficiency of the use of lubricating oil, and the nozzle or the two ends are a nozzle, and can improve the effect of lubrication and cooling, but when the DMN 

value is close to 2 million, because of the influence of the centrifugal inertia and wind resistance, into the bearing oil is only 70% or less of nozzle flow.

2. Under the ring lubrication

Ring under the lubrication method is to use the centrifugal inertia, directly to the oil via ring opening, many radial hole and into the raceway surface, part of the oil along the inner ring below for axial flow and achieve the purpose 

of cooling the inner ring. Divided into two channels into the groove of the oil to drain out, by the way, will wear debris is falling from the cage and other parts to wash away.

This method of lubrication oil much less than the oil lubrication, due to the dynamic mixing of oil lead to less power loss, the fever of bearing is also be improved, and even less likely than outer ring and inner ring temperature 

reducing INA bearing failure.

The lubrication method can also be used to cooling outer ring. When the outer ring are such lubrication bearings allow DMN value can be further improved.

Now this ring lubrication is widely used in all kinds of high-speed operation. Can achieve maximum DMN for large diameter from 120 ~ 200 mm ball bearing of 3 million; Of inner diameter 120 mm to 2.4 million tapered roller bearing, and 

combination of short cylindrical roller bearing inner ring for 3 million

3. Double lubrication

This approach is essentially the FAG rolling bearing inner ring of the hole and shaft neck hydrostatic oil film bearing, greatly reduced the speed of rolling bearing, so as to achieve the aim of reducing centrifugal force function, 

double lubricated bearing can significantly reduce the speed of the roller bearing inner ring, and thus allows for a higher degree of spindle speed, of bearing DMN value can be further improved.

4. The lubrication oil and gas

Oil lubrication is one of the biggest advantages in don't have to change the condition, NTN bearing structure by reducing the bearing friction alone could realize the DMN value in 800000 ~ 1.5 million high-speed, for internal sliding 

bearing, the advantage of this approach is more significant.

(1) the principle and characteristics of the oil and gas lubrication oil lubrication principle is to use quantitative piston distributor will be very tiny amounts of oil (such as 0.01 m1), with the best cycle intermittently discharge, 

discharge of oil before reaching the bearing form continuous flow along with the air into the bearing.

The characteristics of oil and gas lubrication is as follows:

1) can be extremely trace quantitative oil continuous steady supply NACHI bearings, so it can be like grease oil can control the necessary minimum. Due to different bearing types, but also takes different amount of lubricating oil, the 

quantitative piston pipe to each bearing, so can adjust the bearing oil.

The lubrication method of friction loss is about one over ten of the splash lubrication, the kinetic friction loss and temperature rise is also smaller than grease lubrication.

2) due to the lubricating oil and gas is less than the number of spray lubrication oil, and lubricating oil with appropriate oil droplets into the bearing, and therefore less pollution atmosphere. Such as oil and gas lubrication of the 

main shaft in propylene in about 2 h after continuous operation, measuring the degree of air pollution in the cabinet is only 0.03 mg/m3.

3) foreign dust or cutting fluid into the main shaft, which is due to the large number of air along with the trace oil supply (each bearing 20 to 30 l/min), make the main shaft inner pressure increase.

(2) the viscosity of oil and gas lubricating oil and lubricating oil and gas should be the necessary minimum supply of oil bearing, so it is very important to the choice of oil.

Sliding more angular contact ball SKF bearing less than the sliding cylindrical roller bearing oil amount to more. Oil general standards have formula can be reference. But the lower the viscosity of oil, or speed is higher, the required 

oil increased accordingly. In fact, the oil should be used according to the bearing load and speed conditions to decide. In terms of the influence of the bearing temperature rise by lubricating oil viscosity, oil and gas lubricating oil 

supply is much less than the cycle. But in the oil under the same conditions, high viscosity, temperature rise slightly increased. Usually the oil-gas lubrication in 40 ℃, use for 10-3 cmrn2 / s oil viscosity. Gas lubrication is a new 

research success has many characteristics of lubrication method, sliding more bearing in angular contact aunts bearing used in, for example, the DMN value can reach about 1.5 million.

5. High speed bearing lubricant

High-speed bearing lubricant should be considered according to the high temperature KOYO bearing lubricant, choose - that is, under the high temperature also have good performance of synthetic oil, or to the synthetic oil as base oil of 

grease. A second ester of MIL - L - 7808 and MIL - L - 23699 oil, oil mainly applied in the jet engine bearings