Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market worth $1.06 Billion by 2018

The Augmented Reality Market report provides key strategic contribution on the augmented reality market with comprehensive forecasts for revenue creation across technology, hardware, and applications connected to this market.

Augmented reality is one of the major and most innovative technologies of the decade. It provides information and entertainment which overlays on the physical world. The potential of augmented reality technology is wide and endless but still it’s under development stage and most of the potential are unexploited. This technology proved to be very comfortable and user friendly. For the last decade, augmented reality has been focussed on gaming which will send the users quickly to another immersive world. The augmented reality is believed to be a promising technology which will augment the user gaming skills by new ways to control actions and 3D movements.

In these times augmented reality technology is used in a wide range of application like e-commerce, marketing, automotive, medical, education and so on.  The tremendous growth in the sales of Smartphones has made many companies to come up with the idea of marketing personalized for the mobile space. Augmented Reality Market is used as a marketing tool and for branding in e-commerce industry. E-commerce is one of the developing industries because of the increase in the use of internet progressively. The biggest challenges face by e-commerce is that the user cannot use or get to know much about the product before buying it. Now augmented reality technology is used to provide a solution for this kind of conditions faced by e-commerce industry. It provides web solutions like virtual trial room where users can try various products before buying it through an internet connection and a webcam. Augmented reality can be reaching out to more customers and can increase the sales by providing the customers with online shopping experiences. Augmented reality technology is also used in magazines and newspapers by enhancing the advertisements with interactive functions thereby giving the companies an opportunity to promote their products.


 The augmented reality technology utilizes many technologies like image recognition, face recognition and gesture recognition technologies in many applications. This technology makes use of gesture recognition   so as to help the user to point someone’s body movements virtually through mobile phones or tablets with the help of webcam and internet connectivity. Most of the established firms focus on inserting image recognition technology which makes possible to superimpose digital images like photos or images on the real world. The future of augmented reality enables the entire new classes of application and experiences like wearable technology which includes eyewear, contact lenses and a bionic eye having 3 dimensional displays.

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