***Article published about Trojan Horse Security by the Daily Mail***

Bernard Brier SVP of Trojan Horse Security said "We have a team of the best information security consultants in the business, as you can see from the article written. We only employ the best. Alexander Jones is an example of the type of people we employ at Trojan Horse Security."

 Bernard also stated "Trojan Horse Security Team members have backgrounds in the Secret Service Presidential Detail, State Department Diplomatic Security Bureau, and tier one Special Operations SEAL Team Six. Having had the responsibility of protecting vital infrastructures and world leaders, our team members are highly skilled and extremely professional."

"Were not the average cyber security firm that does standard penetration testing. We have Black Op's teams at our disposal, for highly secured facility. Our security audits are conducted by Former Secret Service Presidential Detail Agents. When it comes to security audits you cant get better then that!"

"Our Consultants and black op teams can be used for mergers and acquisitions of publicly traded companies, to protect their corporate assets during the transitional period. By taking over physical security and information security divisions of a corporation you are securing the most vital infrastructures of any company."

"This article published really explains how experienced our team is and who we are."     

***Article published about Trojan Horse Security by the Daily Mail*** Is a comprehensive Information | Cyber Security Firm that can protect your corporate assets from a cyber or hack attack.

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