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PRESS RELEASE: Vancouver BC, 06-JANUARY-2014 - Mainland Home Inspections and Angelo Agaloy, CHI, of the Vancouver BC licensed home inspectors firm, are proud to announce that home inspection services are a key element in both purchases and sales of homes in the area. Before completing a purchase agreement, buyers should insist on a home inspection. Sellers should arrange for a home inspection before putting a home on the market.

Angelo Agaloy, respresentative of the Vancouver BC licensed home inspectors company, explained, "We follow the standards of the ASTTBC-PI as set out by the British Columbia Legislative ACT. A full inspection eliminates the concern that there might be unexpected repair expenses shortly after the sale, or that the sale might fall through because of elements discovered during time before the sale is finalized."

"Our professional inspectors use a specific and thorough check list to find any issues with the estate that might not be apparent if a casual inspection is done." He continues, "some of the elements that we look for are property code issues, railing stability and drainage systems that protect decks and balconies."

When the seller offers a completed home inspection as part of the marketing package, buyers will have knowledge about the actual condition of the property. This allows for an informed and accurate purchase offer. A full inspection as offered by the company takes as long as five hours. A full report is presented to the client, along with specific photos where needed. The company also offers information about solutions which might resolve some of the issues.

Learn more about the benefits of acquiring Vancouver BC licensed home inspectors services by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals with questions regarding the contents of this specific press release are encouraged to contact Angelo Agaloy at the location presented below.

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