Responsibilities of an endodontist Manhattan

Endodontics is a dental specialty that deals with the problems that affect the dental pulp. Specialists performing this specialty are known as endodontists. To become an endodontist Manhattan or an endodontist NYC, students are required to complete 4 years of dental school followed by a 2-year study in the field of endodontics.

Endodontists must possess good communication skills to be able to listen to their patients, a high degree of empathy to understand them, a good flexibility that will allow them to work with dental tools, and an excellent eyesight, to see every little dental problem that a patient could present, even those problems that are not acknowledged by the patient.

Among the most important responsibilities of an endodontist, we can include the correct diagnosis of a certain dental problem that a patient could have. There are many cases when patients visit a stomatologist because they believe they suffer from a certain problem, when they, in fact, suffer from a totally different one.

Sometimes, patients claim they have headaches and believe that a broken tooth or an infection has caused those headaches. While in some cases, this can be true, in other cases, their headaches could be generated by other medical issues. That is why, one of the most important responsibilities of an endodontist Manhattan, or of an endodontist NYC, is to correctly diagnose a dental problem.

After identifying the problem, the endodontist needs to develop a treatment plan. In some cases, the treatment involves only taking some pills on a regular basis and returning to the endodontist for a further examination. In other cases, the treatment may include dental surgery, meaning the removal of a damaged tissue.

Root canal therapy is the most common practice when it comes to endodontics. In fact, the endodontic therapy is colloquially known as root canal therapy. This practice refers to eliminating an infected tissue, with the purpose to protect the healthy tissue against a potential invasion by microbes.

After removing the infected tissue, the endodontist makes sure to clean and decontaminate the area, and then to obturate with some special substances the hollow space that got formed during this procedure. Root canal therapies can last for an hour or more, that is why another responsibility of an endodontist is to be communicative with his patient during this time, if possible, thus to try to alleviate some of his patient’s pain.

Talking about the pain felt by a patient during this treatment, it has to be said that, if performed correctly, the pain should be minimum. The removal of an infected tissue from a patient's mouth is done only after the patient is anesthetized. However, people are still afraid of this dental operation, although the pain level is drastically reduced by local anesthetics.

Resource box: An endodontist is a dental specialist, whose main duty is to correctly perform root canal treatments and therapies. If you look for an endodontist Manhattan or an endodontist NYC, capable of identifying dental problems, treating dental issues that result from infected tissues or tooth nerves, and educating you on how to preserve the integrity and health of your teeth and dental pulp, visit us today.