Helping a Loved One Transition to Life in a Retirement Home

There comes a time when your spouse, relatives or parents  may need to move to a retirement home. There are many excellent  and premier retirement communities such as Stellar Living Retirement community in  Colorado Springs CO.  It is assuring to know that  this move, though initially disturbing, will ultimately be in the best interests of your beloved relative. However, a major hurdle lies ahead – actually transitioning and adjusting to the new life in elderly retirement home such as Stellar Living in Colorado Springs CO.

Change is never easy and the ability to accept change just becomes more challenging the older we get. So, it is expected that no matter how much you try to prepare your family member for the move, he/she is bound to experience a range of negativity from isolation, confusion, and insecurity to anger or even full blown resentment. At times, the trauma can lead to  depression. Indeed, coming to terms with the loss of ones  home, status, relationships and complete independence is not an easy step to take.

This roller coaster ride will be challenging as well as exhausting for both of you. Your task is to support and encourage your loved one by being with them every step of the way.

The best advise we can give for a family member is to stay actively involved in their life in the initial period. Visit them often and continue to  do your best to soothe their anxiety and confusion. These visits can be awkward at first, so plan something to do like solving a puzzle, watching a DVD or eating a meal together. Always listen carefully to their doubts, complaints and even suppressed emotions. At times, just the feeling of being listened to can work wonders. Acknowledge and respect their feelings and try to praise them wherever possible. Keep reassuring that they will be settled in very soon.

Personalizing the new environment can also help make their living quaters at Stellar Living retirement village in  Colorado Springs CO feel like home. Take along some of their prized possessions or favorite nick knacks that hold a lifetime of memories and use them to decorate their room. Even small items like old books, mats, wall hangings or photo albums can bring comfort and be a balm for the soul.

Familiarize yourself with the routine in the retirement home. Most retirement homes have a roster of interesting social and recreational activities. Encourage your parent to start participating in the activities and form new relationships. This will help them to settle in quickly.

Make it a point to speak to the administrative staff regularly and stay informed about how things are going. Ask for tips on how you can help make the adjustment easier.

And never ever end up feeling guilty or start berating yourself for your decision. Adjusting to the transition to any of the retirement communities in Colorado Springs CO is bound to take a few weeks to a few months at best. Patience and unflinching support from the senior’s family members is crucial in this period. And be assured that very soon the resident will never want to go back to their old life again!

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