Coconut panna cotta recipe – Perfect Summer Sweetness

It is summer time again, and with that comes the heat, swimming, cooling down any way possible, and of course: bored kids that come running every minute looking for something to do. Keeping kids busy can be a challenge; there isn’t any school so you can bet they’ll be home all day long. And even harder than keeping them busy, is constantly looking for things that they would eat.

Michaela Brown has been known for her kitchen innovations ever since her website Stage to the Stove opened up, where she displayed are all her recipes that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, and that have proven to be great and easy to follow. Michaela Brown has created the perfect summer treat by taking a classic panna cotta and mixing in her culinary art work and making it so much better than the original. With the creation of a coconut panna cotta recipe, kids and adults alike are sure to love it!

As always, Michaela Brown begins her recipes by narrating a shopping list with brand specific items in order to get the best outcome for your kitchen experiment. This coconut panna cotta recipe, when done right, promises not just to taste great, but to be the perfect summer treat and cool you down with its coconut-ty sweetness and zesty flare!

Michaela Brown shows you exactly how to heat up your coconut with the gelatin in order to begin the coconut panna cotta recipe, and how to do it so it turns out just right, no lumps, but cooked to perfection. One of the things Michaela Brown is known for is for her work in writing up recipes and making them so simple, basic, and easy to follow that just about anyone could do it, even children. Michaela Brown on Stage to the Stove makes sure not to use any of those over complicated and unnecessary culinary terms; she knows that not everyone went to culinary school and a better outcome for the recipe will be achieved if terms are much simpler and more clearly understood.

Following the heating of coconut, Michaela Brown will show you how to perfectly set your mixture so it is nice and thick, not lacking in viscosity, and certainly not too thin or watery. After this, you can divide up your coconut panna cotta recipe into separate cups and chill them in the fridge until they become solid; this might take up to four hours.

When your coconut panna cotta is done and ready, serve it up with some diced fruit or even some cream on top and enjoy your summer coolness. This coconut panna cotta recipe can be used and done anytime and anywhere – it doesn’t really have to be summer. But one thing is for sure though, this recipe will be enjoyed by everyone you serve it to and it is sure to be a hit, especially with the kids who are always looking for something sweet. Do this simple recipe today and find the best one, only at Stage to the Stove