Nastraq Introduces An Incredible Indie Music Stock Market


Nastraq is basically a free music platform, which is especially designed to enable musicians, distribute and promote their compositions in a dynamic manner. It is mainly dedicated in prompting hidden talents and enriching music and to accomplish this goal it tries is best every second.

To get engaged to Nastraq, first of all one needs to register himself or herself in the site. Once the registration is done the musician needs to submit a demo form of his or her composition. In fact while registering one has to submit the demo version by sharing the respective link or uploading file.

Nastraq mainly specialises on five genres of music which are Rock, Pop, Alternatives, Dance and Hip Hop. However, it no way means that someone from a different genre cannot have the advantage of the platform of Nastraq. In that case, the person has to directly contact with the concerned team along with a sample. If the sample is approved, then the new genre is a part of Nastraq’s stock.

Quality is what Nastraq never compromises with. This is why; they keep on reviewing the submitted demo songs. If one’s composition is approved, he or she gets the log in ID over mail. If, in any case the application gets denied the applicant have all rights to apply fresh with a new demo song.

Nastraq has a very dynamic and interesting pricing policy. The uploading starts from zero dollars and gradually as the demand rise it goes up maximum to 1.29 dollars. This intriguing sales policy helps a musician to attract fans and listeners. Nastraq never restricts its customers from anything in particular. Nowadays as indie music is touching sky high fame, this is regarded to be a great platform for indie artists.

This music stock market understands importance of royalty and so theor expert team works day-night in order to provide better service to the customers. Keeping the musician’s return in mind, it grants only 30% of every sale for itself. Any facility offered in Nastraq is absolutely free.

According to Eric Mathews, one of the members of this music stock market “I’m a musician specialized in instruments. It was being difficult for me to expose myself through my music. Then I found Nastraq, the angel for people like me. It helped me just not in promoting my music and getting return but its huge stock of music enriched my knowledge and took it to the next level.”

It is a platform that promotes musicians. They promote the music in a dynamic way. To know more information about The Music Stock Market please visit

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