DataBaGG: Cloud Storage Platform to Back up your Files

You might have wondered about the backup of your files and crucial data information online. At times, your hard drive doesn’t have enough space for your detailed and valuable data information. Plus, you might also need to use a particular file that was saved somewhere else.

Online backup would be the very first thought that can strike your mind. For this, cloud storage is the best answer to think of. You can upload your videos, images, albums, documents and much more with ease of online access.

Technology always brings some pleasant surprise for us and DataBaGG is one of those.  It is a highly advanced application that can be considered as a cloud storage platform. Its simplicity and amazing power will enchant you and make you addict. Basically, it caters to all your needs of managing, optimizing and accessing the digital access with just few clicks.

 In other words, your crucial data or information would just stay a click away.

This powerful DataBaGG application is suitable for personal as well as corporate usage. It is enriched with few ultimate features like:

  • Auto Sync
  • Auto Backup
  • Tight Security
  • Global Access
  • Easy Share   

Each feature makes it more and more alluring. Auto sync and auto backup saves the trouble of backup and update of uploaded data. Through online modes, you can upload your data, edit it, access it on the requirement and also share it. It is completely like having the power on your tips. Like its name suggests, DataBaGG has a large space for a user to offer and is able to cater to specific requirements. With the very first time signup, users do get the data space of 5GB for free. This ultimate application can be considered as a perfect blend of advancement and fun in smart ways.

It not only keeps you connected to your dear ones, but also to yourself!