The basically introduction about the features of precision pump mechanical seals

China - Pump mechanical seal is the dynamic sealing device in all sorts of water pumping equipments. The application of this sealing device could largely avoid the fluid medium into the pump flowing out of the pump.

Although this part is very small and easy to be ignored, it could play most crucial role in the normal operation of the water pump.¡± said by the engineer from Ningbo Tisun Seals Industries Co., Ltd which is China leading seals manufacturer. This engineer also summarize some basically information about the seals they produced.

The pumps are mostly used for transporting the fluid medium so their working environment has the features of horizontal installation, high speed, highly pressure, with solid particles, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. In that case, the main material for the pump mechanical seals often need to have high requirement for resisting the erosion impact of solid particles, high- speed abrasive, high temperature, the instability sealing parameters led by high pressure, corrosion for matrix structure and other unfavorable factors. From here, people could see that the material requirements for the water pump seals are very high.

The engineer from has concluded the commonly materials they used for producing seals. The commonly materials for the friction of their mechanical seals are nickel-based alloy, cobalt-based alloy, sintered silicon carbide, bonded silicon carbide, graphite-filled PTFE, PTFE filled with glass fiber, special aluminum oxide ceramic and others. On the other hand, the materials for the matrix could be the 2Cr13 stainless iron, 301stainless steel, 304stainless steel, 316stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, 904L stainless steel, Teflon and others. The optional material for spring compensators could be Kazakhstan's alloy, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 3Cr13 and others. All of these materials will be carefully treated by the most precision workmanship.

Unlike kettle water pump seals , the sealing mediums of the pump mechanical seal are mostly liquid, solid-liquid mixture and atmospheric gases while the kettle seals are are commonly used for sealing high pressure gas or gas mixture, which disclosure of will cause serious threat to environmental and biological condition.

The mechanical seal belongs to the mechanical fitting with the precision and complicated mechanical structure. It is a key component of the sort of mechanical pumps. Furthermore, the sealing performance and service life of this kind of seal could be mainly determined by factors, such as the accuracy of selection, accuracy of the machine, properly installation and using. So, before purchasing for these devices, people should have fully understanding about their need and the basically information about this product. Hope this article could help consumers obtain their required information. To know more about this, please visit website

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