LAX Firing Range is the Premier Glendale Shooting Range for all Firearms Enthusiasts


LAX Firing Range is the premier Glendale shooting range for all firearms enthusiasts.  Their range operates with 14 fully-automated shooting lanes that are each 75 feet long.  The distance of a shooter’s target can be adjusted to their preference, providing a range of options for every shooter, from beginners to experts.  Although the range does not sell firearms, they have a large inventory of guns that can be rented; this gives shooters the option to try a certain style of gun before they buy it somewhere else.

LAX Firing Range has a large Pro Shop with a variety of gun-related merchandise and accessories, including ammunition, scopes, grips, tactical gear, combat knives and much more.  This makes the Glendale shooting range a one stop shop for those that are looking to stock up on the latest in firearm accessories.  Shooters are welcome to bring in their own guns and ammunition for target practice. Handguns, select shotguns and certain rifles are all permitted in the range.

The Glendale shooting range promises to provide customers with a safe and enjoyable shooting experience.  In order to do so, they hire only the most qualified staff members that are there to answer any gun or ammo-related questions.  Firearms Training Courses are offered for beginners.  The course includes one hour of training, firearms rentals, one box of ammunition, targets and one hour of range time.

About LAX Firing Range

LAX Firing Range is a full-service shooting range that has proudly been serving the greater Los Angeles community for over 20 years.  It has been proclaimed as the premier Glendale shooting range for all shooters, both beginners and advanced marksmen.  For more information about the range and for pricing info, visit their website , or call (310) 568-1515.  They are located at 927 W. Manchester Blvd., Inglewood CA, 90301.

Media Contact:
Dave Sanders
Company Name: LAX Firing Range
Phone Number: (310) 568-1515
Address: Inglewood, CA