Golden Hill Studio – Creating Elegant Decorations for Homes and Businesses

When you look it up in the dictionary, decorating is the act of making something look more attractive by adding other elements to it. There are many businesses that cater to decorations which range from several products such as hand painted glassware, decorative throw pillows, and kitchen towels made in the USA. Decorations do not just make something look more beautiful, but these also show how creative and inspired a person is. It can also show one’s personality. In our homes, we try to do as much decorations as possible to create charming and positive vibrations. Other homeowners even hire an interior designer just to make sure that every corner has the right elements.

If you are searching for decorations that are one-of-a-kind, Golden Hill Studio is the place to be. In 1999, owner Bette Hestle started creating beautiful hand painted glassware inspired by her travels around the world. Since then, her business has grown bigger, offering more products such as kitchen towels and decorative throw pillows from the USA. These items are what her clients long for because these show art in a different level. Her art creates a very homey theme that will surely suit every home or business. 

Due to their constant growth and success, they have expanded their business to candle holders, bottle stoppers and collars, beaded boxes, and table runners. These items are what many clients long for to include in their homes. Their table runner collection is inspired by antique and botanical prints from the 1800s. The way it was created and threaded shows sophistication and finesse. These finely created table runners are perfect and can match any themed inspired home that you have. 

Aside from table runners, their candle holders are made from glass carefully mouth blown by master artisans. These candle holders create a very royalty mood because of the beaded attachments included on the candle holder. In addition, they even have Egyptian glass candleholders that will surely captivate your eyes. 

Their bottle stoppers are well designed to the point where it will match your favorite holidays. They have a variety of designs like a Christmas tree, a snowman, a birthday cake with candles, a cat, a white dotted red heart, and so much more. These designs will surely become an ice breaker for any dinner party that you host. On the other hand, their beaded bottle collars will surely fit any occasion as well. They look very sophisticated which will definitely add more elegance to your wine bottles. Aside from using it as a bottle collar, you can also utilize it as a napkin or candle ring, thus hitting two birds with one stone. 

Golden Hill Studio also has an eye-catching collection of beaded boxes made of silk that come in beautiful designs. Each collection is definitely a great addition to your home. The decorative eggs and hearts made of silk can be hung in the door or a tree branch or even added to a table centerpiece as an ornament. Anything that you do with these collections will surely add a beautiful element to the overall decoration. 

Their hand painted glassware made in the USA is one of their most sought after collections. These show how artistic their artisans are and how sophisticated their art is. Each design is handmade to make sure that the end product it well-made, with great attention to details. Hand-painted glassware is very appealing to the eyes in a very charming way, thus it certainly enhances the aesthetic appeal of the spot it is displayed in. Each hand painted glassware personifies every detail in an intrinsic and very artistic way which makes it all the more elegant and beautiful. These decorations have been the main attraction in the studio because of the way these were painted, inspired by Bette’s travels across the globe. 

The collections of Golden Hill Studio which were created by great artisans are something that you would want to include in your home or business. These products will definitely create a better and more aesthetically appealing environment. So do not think twice on getting one for yourself. Go purchase one of their beautiful hand painted glassware from the USA, and make sure to call them at 716-945-0436 or check their website at to avail of their free shipping offer while it lasts.